Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny by Rose + Tye

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Remember what it was like to be waiting for the Easter Bunny?

The excitement! The anticipation! The wash of joyful exuberance when you found an egg in your family easter egg hunt?

Create a visual reminder that Easter is almost here with these personalised wooden Easter Bunny stacker.The Easter Bunny stacker measures around 20.5cm high by 10.5cm wide (due to the person-made nature, there is some minor variations in sizing) and is painted using paints made from all-natural ingredients. The paints are non-toxic, saliva proof and baby-safe.

These gifts are perfect for celebrating a chocolate free easter too! Each set comes in its own Rose + Tye cotton drawstring bag for easy storage. Colours available are cotton candy pink, mint green, sunshine yellow and deep blue.

I use only untreated FSC Certified Pine to make the Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny. I finish them with natural, VOC Free paint followed by a saliva-proof food safe VOC Free enamel.

What’s used to make the Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny

FSC Timber

The untreated pine used in this piece is from FSC certified forests and supply chains. What this means is that the pine comes from well managed, responsible forestry practices. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re not buying a product from unsafe and unsustainable forestry practices nor something that has been treated with nasty carcenogenic chemicals. Unsafe and unsustainable forestry practices have a direct role in our planet’s climate change.

VOC Free Paints, Waxes and Oils: Safe For Your Whole Family

The paints we use are proven safe to the strictest EU-standards to be safe for babies and pets.Please feel free to request copies of our MSDS via email at

Our Paints Save the Rainforest

Rainforests are one of the most important natural resources left on earth. They safely store billions of tons of carbon thereby helping ward off climate change. A quarter of all our medicines are sourced from plants, found deep within the rainforest. They are also homes to thousands of unique animals that depend on the rainforest protection for survival.

Only 2.4 million square miles of rainforest remain today. For every 1sqm of area you cover with our Paints, Oils and Waxes, you are saving 1 sqm of Amazon rainforest and its precious species. For every 10 Litres of paint used, together we are saving over 100sqm of rainforest and its species which is the floor area of an average 2-bedroom apartment or 8 carparks.

Paints Smell Fresh

Stinky paints are gross and are a sign that some nasty chemicals are in them. The paints I use on all my pieces are completely unlike traditional paints. They don’t give me headaches using them and provide a pleasant citrus scent to the pieces too.

Made from Natural, Sustainable Ingredients

Once upon a time, all paints were natural. The ingredients in our paints are sourced and processed responsibly, and use renewable sources wherever possible. Now, that’s not so much the case. That’s why my pieces are so awesome – because you can trust they are natural, safe and created with love and care.

How to order: it’s super easy

Add to Cart and follow the easy checkout process. Write the name you would like on the Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny in the order notes during checkout.I will be in touch within 1 business day to confirm your order. So I’ll take all the details and send through a confirmation email complete with your personalised quote or spelling of your child’s name. I encourage you to triple check the spelling of your child’s name as I am unable to cover costs associated with spelling mistakes. Due to the customisable nature of the pieces, orders are final once production has commenced.How are your Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny packaged?

The Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny are packed carefully in bubblewrap. The Bunny is then placed in a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage or gifting.

My famous Thank You note is put inside. Be sure not to throw this note out as the paper is embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds. Swan River Daisies are beautiful purple Australian natives. Plant the card in the garden instead, water it and watch great things happen over time. It’s way better doing that then putting it in the bin!

Personalisation Options

When placing your order, please ensure you leave the name you’d like on the Personalised Wooden Easter Bunny in the order notes.

Turn Around time

There is a 1 week turn around excluding postage on your personalised wooden bunnies due to the personalisation, paints drying and hardening etc.

Project Updates

If you would like updates on the progress of your order, please provide your Instagram handle in the order comments and I’ll be sure to tag you in images of your project as I’m making them.

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