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Did you know that when one of the senses is dulled, the rest are enhanced? Surprise your lover this valentine’s day by slipping this mask over their eyes and treating them to a sensory deprivation delight.

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Looking for the perfect gift for a new Mum, your partner, bridesmaids, or the discerning traveller? Made from 100% Mulberry silk, these top-of-the-range eye masks are the ultimate in high-end travel and sleepwear. Affordable luxury—22 momme premium silk sleep masks made from premium, long strand silk fibres for the ultimate beauty sleep. Everything you love about our 19 momme travel eye masks and more! Choose from black, charcoal dark grey, gold, blue, pink, navy, caramel, ivory and purple and experience true comfort with a non-tangle, silk covered strap. Bonus gift box included and an optional real Mulberry silk storage bag. AfterPay, zipPay, Sezzle interest free layby available.

Get the best sleep ever with our luxury mulberry silk eye mask Australia. Like our popular 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases, Lujo Home 19 and 22 momme silk sleep masks limit friction against the skin for an anti-aging effect but did you know silk eyemasks also promote better sleep? Studies show that night light interrupts our ability to produce a hormone called Melatonin. Sleep can be affected and LED (from your electronic devices) can stop you from feeling rested. Even the glow of street lighting can cause tiredness, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Enjoy complete darkness and rejuvenate while you sleep with the best silk eye mask in Australia from Lujo Home. Learn more about our Lujo Home silk eye masks: 100% opaque—made to block out more light (day time or night time) Made from our highest grade, premium quality 100% Mulberry silk Breathable—no more night sweats! Designed to fit comfortably without slipping Non-slip—available with silk-covered strap for tangle-free sleep Light and easy to wear Suitable for sleeping on the stomach, side and back Comfortable—encourages deep sleep or relaxation (perfect for meditation!) The best choice for quality, affordability and durability Attractive—available in rich colours to match your Lujo Home pillowcase The silk we use in our eye mask is a natural mulberry silk hypoallergenic, exceptional quality, smooth, silky and Eco-friendly.

Material: Our premium gift box range of eyemasks are made with 100% 22 momme Mulberry silk. Our silk is grade 6A long strand for the highest quality. Best eye mask in Australia Style: Perfect for a special gift our silk eye mask has the same premium quality 22 momme silk on each side of the mask. This is important and often improvised when comparing to cheaper eyemasks on the market Our silk covered strap reduces wear and tear on your hair while sleeping and is made for extra comfort. Strap is not adjustable Eye mask colours: Nine colours available, ivory white, charcoal dark grey, gold, blue, navy blue, purple, caramel and pink Quantity: One eye mask and one gift box, optional silk bag for storage, see options at checkout (silk bag makes a more luxurious gift) Size: 10.5 x 23.5 cm Packaging: Gift box (see photos) Designed in Australia, made in China FAQ’s Question: Is your eye mask suitable for travel? I am Sick of spending money on cheap uncomfortable accessories. Answer: We think a natural mulberry silk mask is the best travel eye mask. Lujo home silk eye masks will make all the difference with catching up on some sleep, they really are the best eye mask for sleeping. The comfort and versatility makes the perfect for travel. The silk bag option is designed to make your silk eye mask easy to store on those holiday trips away. Question: Are your eye masks hot and sticky? Answer: Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity, this can help to alleviate sweating this can also mean less aging of your skin. With eye masks so close to your eyes while you sleep, we not only had comfort in mind, but the health and aging of your skin. Question: Why is the luxury eye mask Australia non- adjustable Answer: Cheaper elastic sleep masks can catch in your hair while sleeping. We wanted a luxury option that was not going to cause knotted hair, and hair damage. Our elastic strap is luxuriously comfortable and covered completely with matching mulberry silk. We also made sure there are no plastic parts to dig in while sleeping. this means they are not adjustable. For an adjustable option please see our 19 momme range here. Question: Are your sleep masks as good as cotton? What is the best eye mask? Answer: We think they are much better. 100% natural mulberry silk is less likely to absorb the natural moisture from your face and hair, unlike other fiber’s like cotton. Better hydration and less friction means clearer and healthier skin.


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